“Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.” Laura Zeeuwen
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-  at Laura Zeeuwen Hair we only use the finest quality remy human hair
-  soft, silky and completely tangle-free
-  blends smoothly and sleekly with your own hair 
-  can be coloured and styled with ease
-  Laura Zeeuwen Hair will last up to 1 - 2 years with the proper care and maintenance 
-  minimum hairbundle 50g
-  available in +/- 20 inch
-  machine weft
-  single drawn & double drawn
-  minimal shedding
-  cuticles are kept intact and not stripped
-  cuticles all go in one single direction


Laura Zeeuwen Hair is personally selected by me, Laura Zeeuwen. Strong, beautiful healthy hair is what I know best, and my years of experience within the hair industry give me the knowledge and experience to advise and assist you to achieve the very last word in glamorous hair.

Working only with the best remy human hair, hand selected by myself, I´ve travelled the world in my quest for the very best quality hair. After many years of searching, I am delighted that I finally found my hair extensions, and even happier to share them with you. 


Remy hair is widely recognised in the hair care industry as being the very highest quality of human hair. The reason for this is that the cuticles of the hair are always completely kept intact instead of being stripped away, as they are in other types of non remy hair. The importance of the preservation of the hairs’ cuticles is an innate part of the quality process, and the technique of carefully aligning the hair so that it flows gracefully in one direction allows us to create natural, glossy, healthy extensions which appear completely natural to the eye and to the touch. Remy hair always retains its supremely glossy, soft and shiny appearance throughout its lifetime, making your crowning glory even more spectacular. 


Over the years I've created a special technique to offer you maximum protection of your own hair. You can learn more about this unique, specialised system on one of my special training days, held at your salon.
Email us directly for more information.

REMEMBER: All human hair tangles to some extent, and depending on how the texture of your chosen extensions blends with your own natural texture, you could experience some tangles. No human hair is perfect, which is how we know it is human!! Hair that doesn't have a flaw is synthetic or at least has a synthetic mix, and synthetic hair will never achieve the same breathtaking effect as human hair extensions. 

CONTACT US: [email protected]

I'm always more than happy to answer all of your questions, hair extensions are an investment, and it’s extremely important to me that my clients have all the information they need and desire to create their perfect style every time.