“Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.” Laura Zeeuwen
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Let me start by telling you a little about me, Laura Zeeuwen. 

From a very young age, my heart has been captured by the art of creating glamorous hair. My true life passion is to help you to achieve strong, beautiful healthy hair.

As a young girl I loved to spend hours styling my friends hair, experimenting with new styles.
I had no doubts that I was destined to become a professional hairstylist, using my experience and carefully learned skills to focus on advising and assisting my clients to achieve their dream of luxuriant, beautiful and healthy hair.

Building up my own skills by working in numerous salons, learning from other more experienced  stylists, and soaking up their invaluable knowledge and advice, I travelled across the globe to exotic locations such as New York and Paris, as a freelance hairstylist, being lucky enough to work with several A-list stars. I have realized my lifelong dream, and now have my own successful private hair salon in the captivating, cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam.

After years of using other people´s products to create glamorous styles for my clients, I decided that something was missing, and  took the decision to launch my very own hair extension range, and have committed much time and effort, travelling extensively to source the  world's very best real, human hair products.  Over time, with much love and dedication to what I consider to be a true art form, I have researched and developed a unique technique for applying hair extensions using my own products.

I am now delighted to announce that my ultimate dream, the launch of my personal line of extensions has become a reality, and am truly proud and happy to welcome you to the world of  LZ Hair.


Laura x