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  • How long will my hair last before having to be replaced?

We can guarantee at least 1 year, but we have experienced clients on which the hair has lasted for over 2 to 3 years. Commonly lighter hair colors will not last as long as dark colors, due to color processing. 

  • Can the hair be reapplied?

Yes. As your natural hair grows, the hair extensions will shift with the hair. For this reason, we reapply the hair every 6-8 weeks.

  • Do you use remy hair?

Yes. Our hair extensions are all remy hair, this means that the hair is made of real human hair with the cuticle still intact.

  • Which method is used to apply the hair?

We use a combination of the interlock system and the beaded weft application as this is the least damaging for your natural hair and will cover the beads. We can do this in two different ways. Either we applicate the extensions invisibly, meaning that the hair will cover the beads from the top and bottom, or we apply them in the normal way on top.

  • Will my natural hair be damaged by the hair extensions?

We have had happy clients using our hair extensions for years, when applied correctly we can assure you it will not damage your natural hair. The extensions can even protect your natural hair from external circumstances. We stand for quality and will cut the natural hair in between extension appointments, giving your hair the chance to grow in the meanwhile.

  • Will the hair extensions be visible if my natural hair is thin?

Extensions can be applied even on thin hair, if you feel the need to cover them ever better we also offer the V-Part extension, which is a clip-in coverage applied on the top of your hair.

  • Should I have my hair trimmed before the application?

It is important to not cut the hair before coming to us, this way we have more natural hair to work with while blending.

  • How long will the application take?

The first appointment will take a bit longer than usual, as we have to discuss and decide on length and color matches. Apart from the first appointment, an application depends on the number of wefts that you have, we will usually need about 20-30 minutes to apply one weft.

  • How long does my natural hair need to be?

Your hair will have to be at least long enough to cover the top of the extensions.

  • Will the hair extensions need to be cut once they have been applied?

We usually remove and reapply the extensions and cut your natural hair (grown out) to match the length of the extensions.

  • How often should I wash the hair extensions?

It is recommended to not over-wash the extensions, about once or twice a week if not less is best. If you feel the need for more, you could section your natural hair that is on top of the extensions and wash only this part more often.

  • Can I use every styling product on the hair extensions?

Yes, but remember less is more. We recommend using the least product possible and the highest quality. It is important to be careful with sun protection as modern sun protection often contains carrot oil which can affect the extensions, especially our blond tints that seem to get an orange glow to them.

  • Can I use heat on the extensions?

Yes, you can treat the extensions as if they would be your natural hair.

  • Will I still be able to tie back my hair with the extensions in?

The extensions can be applied in such a way that tying your hair will still be possible.

  • Can the extensions be colored? 

Yes, but we recommend doing this as least as possible, as it will damage the hair and its longevity.

  • What is the perfect way to wash my hair?

When washing the hair we recommend applying shampoo twice, focusing on the scalp only and covering every area of the scalp. After rinding the shampoo make sure to condition only the ends of the hair with a high-quality product.

  • What will happen if I let the extensions dry naturally?

After a while, the extensions will adapt to the structure of your natural hair. Usually, they will behave in the same way your natural hair does when air-drying it.

  • Can I get a blowout at any salon with the extensions? 

Yes indeed. Make sure that the extensions are being fully dried first in the salon before polishing.

  • Do I need to use special products to care for the extensions?

We recommend sticking to high-quality products for the extensions and to color them as least as possible.

  • Do extensions cause a headache?

The first few hours/days after the application your head can feel a bit irritated, but this will disappear. It should not cause a major headache.

  • Can I swim with hair extensions?

It is possible, we do recommend conditioning them well when swimming in salty water.

  • I like to wash my hair every day, can I still do this with extensions?

You can, but you can also use the half-half washing method in which you wash only the top part of the hair.

  • Will the hair be itching my scalp?

In the first few days, it is normal if your scalp itches more than usual. We also recommend always drying the top part of the extensions after washing the hair, as leaving it wet might cause itching.

  • Can I remove the hair extensions myself?

We don’t recommend removing the extensions yourself as you might cut off your natural hair.

  • How long does the removal take?

The removal of hair is done in only a few minutes.