Massive Nutritions


Does it take a lot of effort to grow your hair beautifully? Or do you lose a lot of hair during washing and brushing? Just like hair breakage, these are common complaints. Instead of cumbersome and expensive procedures, Massive Nutritions by Laura Zeeuwen offers a better and more affordable solution against weak hair. You will love it!

Why Massive Nutritions?
With a maximum Biotin dose (1000 mg) and an added mix of Vitamin A and Zinc, your personal ecosystem gets a better and more healthy foundation. This upgrades the quality of your hair and makes sure it can finally really flourish! 

Oily hair? Gone!
Your hair will never again be the reason you are unhappy when you look in the mirror. Our unique formula will give your hair the nutrition it deserves and make it look way better. Because your scalp will also be less oily, your hair will look much fuller. In addition, our products are vegan-based, and are distributed in a recyclable glass bottle, which means less impact on the environment!

For an even better effect, Massive Nutritions and Healthy Gloss could be bought in a deal.

- Number: 60 vegan capsules
- Net content: 25 grams

In accordance with EU and Dutch legislation.

2 capsules per day

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