Classic - Angelina Brown - 24 Inch


The weft 24 Inch collection is the longest hair we have, created for those who wish to achieve maximum length. This collection comes in two variations. Both are the longer version of the bounce and the normal weft.

With our 24 inch length, you'll need a bit more hair to achieve your desired look but will lay flatter on your head. These wefts are easy to mix with your own hair, making them perfect for those looking to add more than 20 centimeters of length.

Our interlock system ensures that the weft is not harmful to your own hair, allowing you to wear it with confidence. The natural colors of our wefts give a beautiful and natural effect, making it suitable for everyone. Plus, with less dyeing and washing required, you'll have more time to enjoy your beautiful, long hair!

Additional benefits:
✔️ Full of confidence as you go out, your beautiful hair locks will make a statement!
✔️ Helps the hair to get in the preferred model easier, while it also makes sure to have your hair modeled for a longer period of time 
✔️ Not harmful to your own hair through our interlock system.
✔️ Natural colours so the Weft does not stand out
✔️ Less dyeing & washing of own hair

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