“Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.” Laura Zeeuwen
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This U-shaped hairpiece, contains 150g of the highest quality, remy hair, designed to create instant, luscious length in one easy step. The hairpiece is simple to use, and easy to maintain.

After careful experimentation to design the perfect hairpiece, I have created this piece by combining 3 clips and an invisible tread so that the clips do not carry all the hair. 

When enjoying this hairpiece, it's very important to remember to be careful to spread the weight over your whole head. This way, your own hair won't suffer any damage. 

Available in all iconic colours, the hairpiece can be custom made by
special request to add more volume or mixed colours.  

Width: 32cm / 12 - 13inch  

!! Delivery can take up to two - three weeks. !! 

For more info or to book a personal consultation email me today : [email protected]