Silk Scrunchies Small - DUO


We offer our silk scrunchies in two different sizes and colors. It comes in chic, bold and timeless black as well as a cute and soft pastel version. 

Our biggest scrunchies make the perfect accessory to go to bed with, it is comfortable, soft, and will protect your hair during the night.

The smaller scrunchie is perfect when you need to get your hair out of the face during the day while running errands or working out. 

Silk is a naturally-occurring fiber. This woven fabric is incredibly strong and soft. It takes a lot of hard work to produce. 

One of the reasons that we created our scrunchies from this material is because silk is non-absorbent. Silk has a molecular structure that unlike other common fabric materials will not absorb your hair's natural moisture. Preventing your hair from drying out and breaking. This scrunchie makes a perfect accessory when working out, due to its breathable qualities.

No more split ends and frizz!

(Silk is created from silkworms, which makes it non-vegan.For Vegans, we have an alternative, namely satin.)

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