The Brush + Nutritions

€90 €99,95


The combination of fine nylon pins and great quality boar bristles will untangle, add shine and moisturize the hair by distributing its natural oils from the scalp to the ends. The Brush is perfect to use on hair extensions as well as natural hair. Daily brushing will stimulate blood circulation and will add a finishing soft touch.

THE MASSIVE HAIR NUTRITIONS are packed with the maximun dosis of biotine (1000 mg) which will stimulate hair growth and  the added  mix of vitamin A and zinc will help prevent an oily scalp. Offering your hair faster growth, a less oily scalp and stronger hair follicles as a result.

The BRUSH in combination with our MASSIVE HAIR NUTRITIONS really is the best of both worlds! -           

(We give a 1-year warranty on our brushes.)

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