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From humble beginnings as a hairdresser with a just her skills and her vision to dominating the hair and lives of many. 

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Ever since I can remember, I have loved beautiful hair.

From a young age, I always had a passion for creating my very own hairstyles. The older I got the more I practised doing my friends' hair. So, for me, after graduation, there was no other path to choose than to be doing what I thought I did best. 

I wanted to create beautiful hair.

This would be my lifelong passion.


Laura Zeeuwen  / CEO

Our private hair atelier in Amsterdam...

From my years of working in New York City, it became clear that the highest class of clientele very much valued the importance of a private hair salon. By working on several photoshoots and film sets, it became clear to me that I wanted to focus on the client’s long term personal hair journey as my career, not just creating fabulous hair for a short moment.

I aim to ensure that my clients have incredible hair for the next decades of their lives. This is my mission, what I always revert back to, long term fabulous hair, educating and guiding my clients on how to achieve and maintain that using clean, natural products as a road to lifelong healthy hair.

This was the inspiration behind creating my private atelier, an intimate, private place where I could remain true to my life purpose and combine all of these magical practices in one special space.

This is truly where I feel at my best, in my element, creating bespoke beauty in an elegant atelier, only accessible by appointment. Seeing so many women struggle not being comfortable with their own natural hair inspired my passion to change this and create natural beauty and confidence.

Private salon + Amazing clients = Happy Laura 

1. Before

2. During the appointment

3. After 

"We achieved this stunning result with our exclusive Ghost Collection in 24-inch length. The Ghost Collection is our absolute favorite. You can hardly see or feel this weft on the head. It's ideal for individuals with extremely fine hair, and despite the flat weft on the head, it doesn't compromise on hair volume."

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Our products 

Coming back to my roots, I have carefully created a selection of products to ensure that you get the very best out of your own hair in the most natural way.

My motivation to do so is to spread and share one of my favourite feelings, ‘Gorgeous hair is the best revenge!’

Let's work together!

Love, Laura.

Our Hair

Combining the most authentic looks by using the very best quality hair available is exactly what Laura Zeeuwen Hair represents, the ethos behind the brand, and what earned me the title of the Hair extensions Queen, an honour bestowed upon me by my clients themselves.

A title of which I am eternally proud, supporting women by making the very best out of their hair, meaning they can live with a confident attitude which resonates throughout their life.


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